All news by: Cormac Reilly

Introducing Stream

Stream is our cloud-based outsourcing solution which allows you to spend more time on your core business activities and less time on back office accounting. The complete online finance and accounting solution allows you to view and drill down into your financial data through one easy-to-use central hub.

Tech Start Ups: Don't Snub Good Governance

The Irish tech sector continues to grow healthily. It is a competitive marketplace where companies hustle for position, each with their own idea and end goal of starting to generate profitable revenues. A significant number of start-ups continue to receive funding to assist their research, testing and ultimate release of new products.

Credit Union Accounting Update August 2016

There are a number of significant updates and changes for credit unions in 2016. For the year ended 30 September 2016 credit unions will be preparing their financial statements under the new Financial Reporting Standard, FRS 102, for the first time. These changes have given rise to new challenges for the sector as a whole and in particular their financial reporting practices. This article sets out some practical considerations in adopting these changes.

Information and Cyber Security

Effective cyber and information security requires people to behave in the right way. From senior management to software developers, educating your employees on security threats and helping them develop the right behaviours to respond to these is therefore critical to building and maintaining an effective security programme.