Corporate Governance

The Companies Registration Office and the Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement are currently focusing on companies who fail to comply with their legal requirements. These measures can include fines, and prosecutions of directors for offences and company strike offs. 

In more serious breaches the Director of Corporate Enforcement can refer certain matters to the Director of Public Prosecutions. The Corporate regulatory bodies now intend to expand their current campaign to include lesser offenders and smaller companies with a view to achieving full compliance among all Irish companies.

Corporate Compliance
Corporate Compliance is not a static concept with new forms of governance arising continually and new forms and best practice developing further. This is an area which has taken on an increased importance in the last number of years, not only because of international development but also due to a number of domestic initiatives and increased regulatory requirements, particularly in company law and financial regulatory requirements. 

Corporate governance is also good for business; firstly it ensures the effective, proper and efficient running of the business. It also results in transparency and accountability within organisations. Importantly however it should lead to improved performance. 

At Moore Stephens, we have taken steps to offer reassurance on these issues through a comprehensive compliance check. Should this raise any issues we offer expertise and guidance in amending certain practices to ensure full compliance and thus helping to protect the company and its officers from any unnecessary problems that may arise.